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[0]phelia is a fictional future ruin consisting of an installation and a collection of fictional stories in which a digital entity called [0 ]phelia escapes from an electronic shelter and wanders through the ruins of the city on a snowy early spring day.
This archive is told from the perspective of this ghostly girl who wanders into encounters with the Other,experience death and reborn and imagines the boundaries between the organic and the inorganic, the kinship between species.


The  time of the city flowed through her ...

The overlapping shadows of the trees like a flock of  birds

She wished for a gust of wind to shatter the city

Like the prajapati of the Vedas

Dismembered into pieces at the time of the world begun

And the whole city’ people comes looking for its body

These feathery fragments

To the river bank that day

To observe the holes, the stones and the crystals

All the dead life

Seen as treasures by the people on the shore

placing them carefully in glass cases

In each one lived a little angel

ghostly dwelling of the secret dead

A gasp or a prayer

The rusty rivers leave only a stain on the rubber shoes at last

The person hiding under the black umbrella will laugh

Laughing that she is destined to find something else to spell her absence.

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