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 4k video  4’16’’

The memory of travel is a kind of graft, stretching tentacles from the small pools of silt and water striders to the farther ocean and steam.

A different way of classifying creatures than biology, saṃsveda-ja is also known in Buddhism as creatures born in wet places

The narrative unfolds about the homelands and migrations of fictional plural liquid creatures, with images moving from the recollection of porous terrain to the membranous skin of creatures to the unfocus micro images of aquatic organisms, When the mucous skin and membranes become passages allowing the eye to travel, The vision then becomes a  tactile sensation

In a state of dispersion, the imagination of place may no longer be a solid boundary; the recollection and imagination of place is a dynamic process,  a ghostly topography of perception and imagination, a fluid substrate of liquid. In this flow, different beings are no longer marked and graded but imagine breath together.